I was recently featured in Shoutout Colorado magazine, as an Infertility Champion and Author, in the Unique Perspectives – Social Impact section. I was interviewed about how my business (aka: my book Spirit Baby: Travels through China on the Long Road to Motherhood) helps my community or the world.

“I believe in the power of books to educate, alter perspectives, and inspire. After suffering through five years of infertility including miscarriages, high-tech fertility treatments, an international adoption effort and a diagnosis of a genetic blood disorder; I figured I had an important, relatable, and relevant story to share with the world.

As a former newspaper reporter and magazine editor, I had the writing background and once I had an answer to my “unexplained infertility” and an unexpected windfall in my motherhood journey, I knew I had the story. And so, Spirit Baby: Travels through China on the Long Road to Motherhood was born.

Part memoir and part travelogue, Spirit Baby tells of my five-year-long journey through infertility, my international adoption effort, my medical diagnosis, the many wonders of China and the healing benefits of travel. Spirit Baby weaves themes of longing, loss, and learning to live again, while offering hope and celebrating the many paths to motherhood. My editor once said, “think ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ but for infertility set in China.”

If I can spread the word about my diagnosis and help one person avoid a devastating and potentially avoidable miscarriage, I will consider my book a success and my job well done.”

To read the full article, go to the Shoutout Colorado website (https://shoutoutcolorado.com) or follow the link: https://shoutoutcolorado.com/meet-nina-little-infertility-champion-and-author/