Now that my shiny, new website is complete…I suppose it’s time to start the dreaded blog! I admit, as I move further into middle age, I am more and more confused and overwhelmed by social media. But now that my first book, Spirit Baby: Travels through China on the Long Road to Motherhood, is being published on April 19, I have no choice but to play the social media game and self promote. So here goes nothing…
My vision for this blog is to share stories of women overcoming challenges in our stressful, modern lives (and to share other random “ponderings” about women’s issues, motherhood, the art of writing and life in general).
This blog shall serve as the telling of my tumultuous journey through life, with many bumps in the road along the way. I hope it helps you find knowledge, solidarity and comfort.
To that end, I will begin this venture into the realm of social media by sharing my own story of overcoming…infertility. I will be a guest on the BEAT Infertility podcast. (I will be interviewed on April 16 and my story will air in early May). More details coming soon. Be sure to listen in and please follow my blog (every now and again). Thanks!