Because it’s National Infertility Awareness Week, I thought I would offer up some words of encouragement for those who are still suffering the effects of infertility and hoping to start a family. I recently shared my infertility survival story on the BEAT Infertility podcast. Here are a few positive thoughts from that interview…

Tips on Advocacy:

“The only advice I can offer is to remain true to yourself and your dreams for a child. People will question your choices, I was criticized by the religious for doing fertility treatments and by the adoption community for going international not domestic. Plus, I was told countless times that I couldn’t get pregnant, but I made the choices that worked for me and stood by them. People can and will judge and question your choices in life, but you know better than anyone what you need and the choices that work for you, so stay strong and follow your own path. As Buddha once said, “You, yourself, are the master.”

Thoughts upon beating infertility:

“I think the best way to find support and survive infertility is exactly this…listening to podcasts, reading books, and joining support groups, since there is comfort, knowledge and strength in knowing you aren’t alone in your suffering and gaining from the experiences of others.”

“I have always been amazed by how much life can change…How you can be blindly heading down one path, then end up on another. How life can seem hopeless, then flip on a dime. How I was told I couldn’t conceive a child and ended up having twins. Nothing is known, no situation is permanent, there is always hope and life is constantly changing. Have faith.”