During National Infertility Awareness Week, from April 18-24, I am raising my voice, showing my support, and sending out love to those suffering from Infertility. Anyone can be challenged to have a family. No matter what race, religion, sexuality or economic status you are… infertility doesn’t discriminate.

No one should have to suffer alone against stigmas and barriers toward starting a family. I’ve shared my struggle with infertility, international adoption effort, diagnosis of MTHFR, and long journey to motherhood in my book Spirit Baby: Travels through China on the Long Road to Motherhood. I hope that my book offers knowledge, support, comfort and inspiration to those suffering from infertility or any number of life’s challenges.

👉 Download the introduction and first chapter of Spirit Baby for FREE at www.ninalittlebooks.com.

Together, we can start conversations, learn from each other, and spread support and love. You are not alone!