I’m simply overjoyed to have received a 5-star rating and lovely review on Goodreads from the President of the San Diego Memoir Writers Association. Thank you so much Laura!

“I loved this book, Spirit Baby by Nina Neilson Little… It not only took me on an amazing journey through Nina’s hardships and joys of growing up but also on a journey through China. I knew so little about China and found myself fascinated as Nina takes the reader along with her and her husband to learn about the major cities, the customs, the legends and the Chinese culture. All the while the reader is learning about the trials of infertility and the desperate lengths that women hoping to become Mothers go through. My heart went out to Nina during her desperate times and I cheered for her during her growth and renewed love for life as a result of her trip through China. Nina writes in such a way you feel as if a friend is sitting with you telling you her story, which in my opinion is the best kind of storytelling. I loved the ending and I closed the book at the end with joy in my heart.”