I’m thrilled to have received my first review from a fellow author, Monica Devine (Water Mask, Kayak Girl and The Iditarod). Here’s what she had to say about Spirit Baby:

“Rapt from page 1, Nina takes us on a dizzying ride through the streets of ancient Chinese cities buzzing with shops, vendors, bicycles, traffic and hordes of people. Coming from a childhood of opposites, a wealthy father and hippie mother, her broken home did not stop her from finding the peace, happiness and family success she so yearned for. Chinese traditions, like placing red baby slippers under your pillow to conceive a girl, or placing nuts under your pillow to conceive a boy, Nina does not spare us the traditions, beliefs, and superstitions of the Chinese people. In this book we learn of Chinese culture: its ancient history, politics, religion, mythology, exotic foods and silk factories, its riverine geography that links cities, its feng shui, architectural design, numerology, and so much more. I could not put this book down because on every page I learned something new about this fascinating country. Interspersed with rich descriptions of culture, Nina outlines her struggle to conceive and describes how she ultimately used travel as an antidote to her numbing fertility journey, which lifted her out of depression and gave her hope. No spoilers here so I shall say no more, except this: Read Spirit Baby. The ending is a surprise: a solid, heartfelt, beautiful surprise you won’t soon forget.”

Thank you Monica!