During this difficult time of social distancing due to covid-19, I am so very thankful for books and the book loving community. Here’s my stack of the 19 books I plan to read during social distancing (and the key to my sanity). I hope you enjoy this bookstack.

1. I finally finished The Book Thief and it’s amazing!
2. I won my first bookstagram giveaway, thanks to @catsandcrafts_booksandblankets and loved When We Were Vikings.
3. I completed The Starless Sea on Audible and while a bit dazed and confused, I also found it beautiful.
4. Next up, I read Homegoing, which is now one of my favorite historical fiction books. Absolutely incredible!!!
5. I just finished The Night Tiger and the ending is WOW!!
6. I plan to read a memoir next, Love, Life and Elephants (because elephants RULE).
7. Another historical fiction book set in Paris (The Lost Girls of Paris), then maybe I’ve read them all?

8-19… I plan to read two books by fellow Colorado authors (Peter Heller and Camille Dungy), one of my husband’s favorite authors/books (Tom Robbins), another book by Bill Bryson (I’ve read and enjoyed many of his books), my latest little free library box find (by John Irving), some classics (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Their Eyes Were Watching God), finish The Poisonwood Bible (I read a third of it before my puppy ate it) and if all else fails… I plan to read Gone With The Wind (for the third time).

Stay safe and be well. Happy reading fellow book lovers!